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Secure Building

Lotan Group is a leader in the planning, design and construction of sensitive and public buildings with security considerations in mind. The development of terrorism and organized crime using latest technologies has extended the need for built-in security in many building projects that would not have been considered necessary in the past. This is a process that begins on the planning table and continues through quality control of the construction.


In the modern era we all understand that the striking of these systems would cause anarchy and damage to governability and institutions of enforcement. In order to deal with these emerging threats Lotan has developed a methodology including threat analysis, mapping of critical infrastructure and interoperability, infrastructure prioritization, establishing principles for security response, design of security program and assistance in legislation of the process.


Airports, airlines, underground systems, trains, buses and seaports have become a friction point the adversary has found vulnerable due to mass media coverage and the horrific consequences. Lotan offers a holistic concept incorporating technologies, human resources and an understanding of commercial processes.

Major Events

Hosting a major event the likes of, world championships, continental championships, large conferences, exhibitions and of course Olympic Games is a matter of international prestige and pride for any host country. The understanding of the host nation that security should be incorporated into all other aspects of planning is imperative in order to provide a safe and secure event while being cost effective. A successful tournament lies on the ability of the host nation to harness all of its resources and government offices to the "mission" without ego wars and with passion and zeal.

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